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Hi Sullo, my fellow economics classmate, haha. I enjoyed reading about your passion of painting and the video. I don’t know much about painting so your explanation on the video helped me tremendously. I can understand how no matter the painters experience, art is something anyone can do, based on their individual imagination. This is […]

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Hi Qing, happy to see that a fellow economics student is here in this class with me, haha. I enjoyed reading about your inclusive design of using colour contrast and using transcripts to help learners with these specific impairments. I wrote something quite similar to yours with changing the colour of the learning material to […]

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Hi Jinwei, I think your explanation on open pedagogy was really interesting, for your information, I also did my learning design II on open pedagogy. Your explanation on learners being able to handle things effectively on their own free will made me understand this topic a bit better since I explained it using web development […]

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Hi Jason, I think we went to the same high school. I can relate to the story because during my time at the same school I was mentored by a senior who was a year older than me. His name was Andrew, and he would teach me using different teaching styles until we found what […]

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The topic of our pod’s interactive learning resource is web development. The video I have chosen is an introduction to CSS. In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own, e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)? The learner would most likely respond to this video […]

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Inclusive Design

Our interactive learning resource aims to help those with colour blindness and/or hearing impairment. There are many people with these impairments that have problems with learning especially when it comes to web development. The problem arises for colour blind people is when the code they’re writing are colour coordinated meaning one part of the coding […]

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Learning Design II: Open Pedagogy

Characteristics The open pedagogy approach can be broken up into two different parts: Openness: Any educational material that can be gathered by anyone on a public domain. Pedagogy: The practice and method of teaching in education. How it Aligns Open pedagogy approach isn’t seen much in our interactive learning resource the one time it is […]

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Learning, Motivation, and Theory

One of my best learning experience actually came pretty recently. At the start of May I was hired by a Financial Service company in Victoria as a junior account administrator. This position requires me to work with the wealth management manager on all sorts of projects and day to day tasks. This was my first […]

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