Learning Design II: Open Pedagogy


The open pedagogy approach can be broken up into two different parts:

  • Openness: Any educational material that can be gathered by anyone on a public domain.
  • Pedagogy: The practice and method of teaching in education.

How it Aligns

Open pedagogy approach isn’t seen much in our interactive learning resource the one time it is seen is when the learner is able to see and view it, but mostly the approach of this style does consigns with what web development is as a type of topic that can be expanded upon by the public. Web development is ever changing, since most information regarding the topic can be found all over the internet, through different institutions, and through peers and others.

How it Doesn’t Align

This approach doesn’t align with our interactive learning resource since our learning resource is quite fixed and no one can really add new information unless its from us. The learners can practice over and over again but the information on the resource is fixed and won’t change.


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