Inclusive Design

Our interactive learning resource aims to help those with colour blindness and/or hearing impairment.

There are many people with these impairments that have problems with learning especially when it comes to web development. The problem arises for colour blind people is when the code they’re writing are colour coordinated meaning one part of the coding might be one colour while the other is a different colour this impairment might alter this coordination, which can be difficult for learners to understand without having the proper colour settings adjusted for their impairment. One of the ways we can help these learners is by making the code or learning material into grayscale pieces of text/information. This would help tremendously since the impaired user can see the difference in the different shades.

People with hearing disabilities are generally easier to accommodate since they are able to learn web development from text-based material and videos with close captions. Lectures can also be more accessible through presentations with subtitles and printed out material by the teachers. If the lectures are also in person then these individuals can seat closer to the lecturer which can help reduce background noise and other distractions in the class.

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