The topic of our pod’s interactive learning resource is web development. The video I have chosen is an introduction to CSS.

  • In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own, e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)?

The learner would most likely respond to this video by trying it themselves. The video is the introduction of CSS, including what it is and the basics about CSS. The video also demonstrates the language in action. All in all, the learner should be taking notes and experimenting the code for themselves in order to understand the topic better.

  • What activity could you suggest that they do, after they have watched the video (designed)? What type of knowledge or skill would that activity help develop? What medium or technology would students use to do the activity?

After watching the video, I would suggest learners to try using the CSS language in modifying a webpage on their own. This could help strengthen their understanding the basics of CSS while also being able to work through different problems. This troubleshooting repetition is important for memory retention, since the user is able to practice parts where they have issues with. In order for the students to be able to code in CSS they would need to use any coding software that enables them to code in CSS, the student would also need the correct hardware for this like a desktop and an internet connection.

  • How much work for you would that activity cause? Would the work be both manageable and worthwhile? Could the activity be scaled for larger numbers of students?

The quiz is pretty straightforward and the answers are already preset (coded) within the application itself. The work would be manageable since the team would be able to focus on helping learners with feedback and suggestions. There is also a discussion part where learners can get help outside of the team through other learners. This can all be scaled for larger classes and would be good since more students mean more interactions between one another.

  • How would students get feedback on the activity that you set? What medium or technology would they and/or you use for getting and giving feedback on their activity?

For the quiz portion of the activity, feedback will be instantaneous from the quiz section of the page, and students would be able to see their own mistakes. This instant feedback will be good since they can go back and see where they went wrong and they can go further by trying it out in their own coding software to test.

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