Blog Post #6: Engaging my Personalized Learning Network – Final Session

This is my final blog for EDCI 338, I am happy to spend such a wonderful time with the instructor and everyone. From this class, I learned a lot of useful knowledge regarding social media, such as the concept of PLN and digital identity. Also the difference between Personal Digital Identity and Professional Digital Identity, etc.

For my final blog, I want to talk to you about two key topics. Is it possible to use your PLN to support professional growth beyond the course? Can your personal learning network (PLN) help you find new job opportunities?

After the course, I believe I can use my PLN to further my professional development with applications such as LinkedIn and Instagram. I was able to find the knowledge and skills I wanted to gain from the various learning platforms because I learnt how to conduct evaluation on each, while also further discussing these platforms and concepts with my group. I major in Economics, as I said in my previous blogs, and when I am not sure about a certain subject, I occasionally use YouTube and other video applications to research and study pertinent information. For instance, the concept with regards to statistics and how they can determine certain things in the environment. Through the PLN study, I have learned where to discover the resources or methods that will help me study more quickly and efficiently, both of which will be very helpful to me in my future career and/or academics.

PLN will also provide me the chance to begin a learning about other topics in the future. As a third-year university student, I still have time before I decide where I want to go in terms of my future. I am currently talking to many people in my career about pathways that can be useful in niche job markets. Additionally, I can use PLN to start a new business blog/social media on my own, through Instagram and LinkedIn.

All in all, this course was not lacking in terms of content that can be expanded into different branches of topics. I enjoyed reading and watching certain topics such as digital identity and creating my visitor or resident table as I was able to learn new things about myself and those around me. Thank you for reading, have a great Summer!

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