Blog Post #3: How has your thinking about inclusion and PLN evolved?

The professional setting I will be referring to is my own workplace. Which is a small financial firm selling insurance and investment services to individuals, families, and groups. Social Media is a great form of communication for the younger generation. The younger generation being students or fresh graduates starting their first job in their industry. Additionally, the communication can be marketing or getting connected with these clients through comments or live streaming events hosted by the firm.

Social media challenges communications as some people might not be able to view the media content without being a follower or subscriber. This is quite apparent with getting connected with the older clientele since they aren’t as tech savvy as their younger clients. This can be detrimental since social media isn’t inclusive in that sense, because the content can’t reach the audience. It’s like watching Avengers: End Game without having a screen.

I believe my PLN gives a great insight into the work I do since clients are able to speak to me about certain things and I would be able to answer and I could help expand their inquires to my supervisors/advisors. Meaning I can help others by giving them an opportunity to speak to one of my higher ups for further help. My PLN can also help my coworkers that aren’t as knowledgeable in economic theory since some of them just sell insurance without knowing what supply and demand is in economics or opportunity cost in engaging with a client with little money versus a client with a million dollars. Not everyone in the office is a business person!

The policies regarding social media can be vague at times since anyone can look up the firm’s social media and start connecting with us. Although that might be the case, we do offer clients to sign an agreement for emails or directed content as an option. This would make it easier for them to talk to us rather than calling or even coming in person to the office.

All in all, social media can help everyone that uses it since we the firm can post about certain topics like first time homebuyer options, why the market is crashing, or even general things like how to cook risotto or even promoting events around the community. Social media communication can be diverse and the options to connect with the clients can be endless but it will depend on the people running the social media account and the clients that are engaged and viewing the content. Again, this can be limited to only people that understand how social media works, so those that aren’t as comfortable in using social media then it can be hard to connect with them.

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